a novel approach addressing scar reduction

a scar reducing cream with a novel treatment approach. Contrakel is suitable for the treatment of hypertrophic and atrophic scars and keloids. Contrakel addresses scar formation on three levels

  1. Massage – enhances blood flow and reduces scar formation - Contrakel's physical properties enable a gentle massage of the scar tissue without pulling tissue 
  2. Film effect – elevates skin moisture content
  3. Skin regeneration
    - allantoin stimulates the regeneration of skin tissue and soothes the typical itching
    - urea supports moisture content
    - vitamin A improves the functional integrity of skin cells and prevents excessive keratinization

Thepainful skin side effects usually become apparent after 7-10 days and are
intense after one month of cancer therapy. Thus a prophylactic treatment on the
first day of the cancer therapy can prevent the development of the skin side effects and reduce thereby a progressive inflammation.

Postoperatively, immediately start cooling the wound. This minimizes the scar and die edges become less prominent.

Particularly, larger scars tend to rapidly lose moisture which result in a loss of elaticity. This creates the sensation of tension in the scar tissue.

Instructions for use of Contrakel cream:

  • apply Contrakel® only on closed wounds
  • gently massage the tissue for 5-10 minutes
  • repeat the application and massage multiple times during a day (min. 2-3 times)
  • depending on the size of the scar continue the treatment for 6-12 months

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